Being overweight, depressed, stuck and

in stressful overwhelm, is just an invitation to discover hidden treasures – no biggy!

Recently I met a women in her 50's just after Sunday service for the first time. After getting acquainted, she shared with me that although she did everything possible to be healthy, her health deteriorated continuously and that she doesn't know why?

She lived a great life style from early age, growing up in California, with regular outdoor exercises, good organic food, yoga, chanting etc. and spiritual practices like prayer, positive thinking and meditation on a regular basis. She is an active member of a well-established church here on Oahu for more than 25 years and regular at social events, but although she does everything of that - she developed severe imbalances which create major problems for her. In addition she shared about other chronic conditions like her weight, which increases from year to year and spells of feeling depressed and unhappy.

I felt deep gratitude for her being so completely honest with herself and I saw in her eyes, that she felt gratitude fas well for having expressed her heart.

And I told her that in my view, her situation provides her a unique opportunity to discover unexposed parts of herself, which want to be discovered - that any symptom is a cry for attracting our attention - to be seen, accepted and loved.

So, anything in our physical and psychological manifestation not being vital and joyfully happy, has a root cause which is manifesting the symptoms to pull our attention towards itself. And this process is driving our evolution.

Then I shared with her my personal story of having been an unhappy, insecure and distrustful camper for much of my life, constantly being worried with extreme fear attacks, which emotionally confined me inside my home for weeks at a time.  Besides that I was overweight with ravaging cravings and eating attacks just to name a few.

One thing I am very thankful today - I never went to a shrink and did not get medicated for those conditions.

But I did everything else available, even more than the lady above. I traveled to far countries all around the worlds, saw healers and gurus, fasted for weeks,  went to meditation retreats for weeks and months, lived in spiritual communities for years and became a healer myself – just to get out of my misery. But to no avail – I did not feel at home as a human being nor on this earth.

What a bleep up life I led – and deep inside I felt shame and guild.

I praise the source which is called God, Allah etc., for guiding me through all this mess.

At the end of my personal tunnel journey, I realized that: Everything which is not vitally infused with peacefulness and joy, are kind of devices to bring our attentions to its root causes, to enlighten these parts, to accept and love unseen parts of us. In this way we evolve, we grow up – and that is the purpose of it all.

And yes, without those symptoms, would we even care?

Would the lady even care if she hadn't developed cancer, overweight, diabetes and depressions?

It gives her unrest in her heart which makes her look for the Soulutions, which are just behind the bend on her path - I call it ‘Quantum Way’ but you can call it also ‘The way of the heart, or ‘Soul path’ –they are just names pointing to the unnameable.

Those symptoms are like the carrot sticks enticing us moving forward towards our destiny.

I know that not everybody responds with such creatively to those things, many of us give up, being recycled and starting anew. But even if it takes lifetimes, this riddle must be resolved – that is the law.

Well, anyhow – it’s much easier than we can think and the rewards are manifold, if we respond to symptoms like that with curiosity.

I told the lady at church that if she would like to learn more about herself, she could come to our ‘Quantum Way 101’ mini-workshop and that she will be amazed when she discovers what she really is, and what intelligence drives her and all of us.

Enough for today!

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Please forward this message to anyone who might benefit. Often, we just need a bit of hope and a taste of reality, like taking the red pill 🙂

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Being overweight, depressed, stuck and

in stressful overwhelm, is just an invitation to discover hidden treasures – no biggy! Recently I met a women in her 50's …

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