Performing in the Zone

Unless we are in the “Zone” – we don’t know it.
Describing with words, what the “Zone” is, cannot touch its essence.          Mindset

The Zone, also called “Flow” and “Peak State” is what all of us longing for, if we are aware of it or not.

Our desires to evolve, to exceed - eventually will brings us into the Zone, temporarily or permanently. It is the state of oneness, connectedness with all and makes anything we perform, graceful and powerful. No separation of body mind exists - we are peaceful and inspired. It is considered the main aspect of peak performance.

In Zen they call it Satori, and can be considered as the main purpose of human aspiration. Zen offers a truthful path to this heaven.

The Zone can be found with any aspects of life, be it in love and family life, in sports (amateur, competitive and extreme sports, Zen archery and martial arts), performing and creative arts (dance, acting, public speaking, music and writing), teamwork and leadership. An ingredient of the Zone is creativity – if it is ones experienced – the candle of longing is lit.
Poets call it sometimes “The Beloved”.

Most of us come in through passionate intensity and it happens accidentally and sporadically - orgasm is well known for that.
One common factor in passing through the gates of the “Zone” is letting go. Some herbal remedies can help.

Well, yes, the herbs are helpful but after short, I come back out and down again. Is there a way to reach it permanently, you know what I mean?

Yes I know exactly what you are talking about.
Yes, I know Zen is working. Zen is in my own experience a true way to log in permanently into what is permanent. I perceive Zen as the essence of the Buddha teaching, designed for people three thousand years ago, who had much less distortions as we have.

In my work as a health & performance coach, I support my clients transforming their distortions, the obstacles for the Zone to happen. These obstacles hinder us in perceiving our true powers - anybody deserves that and why not do it the fast way.
Sorry, I do not speak about short-cuts, because there are none. But what usually takes many years or even life times of practice - can be solved within months.
This applies to anybody and nearly everywhere on the path, wanting to better their life performance and seeking happiness.

If this resonates with you – start fine tuning Your Rocket today 🙂

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