Competitive Sports

Every athlete has been and desires running, swimming, surfing, climbing, and cycling in the "Zone" - smooth, relaxed and energized - right?
And every athlete knows when falling out of it. 
Have you noticed that it is happening all your mind - the slightest nuance of doubt, despair or frustration - kicks one out of it?
Have you ever wished that you would have a coach on your side helping you to harness your mind, help to erase those kinks, which set in after 22 miles, just before the finish line - to harness your belief systems to stay in the "Zone"?

Not to say that it comes over night - it takes a while to shift beliefs around - but especially if you desire it badly, with passion - changes can come fast. We can coach you to free yourself of any of these unwanted patterns, which weakens and brings you out of your pace.

Happy to assist!

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