Are you a passionate Golfer?

Are you well experienced and want to go all the way?
Are you a novice, struggling with the basics?

          Master your Inner Game!

You’ve realized by now that Golf is an Inner-Game Sport - don’t you?

  • Your mindset is probably THE most critical factor determining whether or not you’ll be successful in Golf. In fact, success is roughly 90% psychological, and only 10% technical.
  • Unfortunately, most people focus 90% or more on developing and implementing technical strategies. Meanwhile, their limiting beliefs and attitudes hold them back. Effective technical strategies are essential to success, but without addressing the psychological level, you're only going to reach a tiny percentage of your potential.
  • Bringing the Mind into alignment with your Goals - this unleashes otherwise dormant powers for impact and lets the ball fly where you want it to fly.

For that reason, working with your Mind makes sense - for the expert and pro who needs more consistency but also for the beginner, who struggles with the basics and would be so much better off, with a relaxed attitude.

I am a Performance Coach, certified, trained and specialized in the Inner Game. I can support you to fine-tune your Mind to align all your main horses and let them pull in the direction you want - winning.

Super charge your Mind and make it your Genie in your Golf bag!

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