Health Professionals, Healers & Community Leaders

Psychics, Men of the Cloth, Nurses, Nurses Aids and people who care for others.

… and all who actively care about others!

As myself, we all have an extreme responsible position, when supporting others – who often are in dire situations.logoworkshops_144x144.jpg

Clearing & keeping our own mirrors clean, is in fact, the best support we can give to others and to us as well.

I honor all, who are taking up the baton for others and being of service to them.

I am available to support you in clearing and transforming your own unresolved issues at its very roots and coach you to reconnect to your source - moving into the 'Zone'. This is the level of wellbeing, from where anything we do is just right and creates magic for the one whom we support and our-selfs as well.

Being overweight, depressed, stuck and

in stressful overwhelm, is just an invitation to discover hidden treasures – no biggy! Recently I met a women in her 50's …

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Launching Your Rocket into the „Zone“

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