Muskoloskeltal Health

I am a massage therapist by heart and feel extremely blessed for having had a very special teacher early in my professional life. His name is William S. Leigh, lovingly called Dub - he taught us Zentherapy.

His technique is rooted in Rolfing and Feldenkrais and those skills allowed me to learn how to effectively address any issue on the physical level.

The Second aspect of his teaching opened doors to meditation, consciousness, subtle energy fields and epigetic for me. He did not tell much about it but directed our awareness to look for the roots of physical issues arising from these subtle energy layers.

 I started listening to those subtle stories about 25 years ago and it took me a while to grasp what the bleep is going on.
As other organ systems too, muscles, tendons, ligament, joints and bones have their own storyboards with their very specific Overall-Theme. When the story board is seen it can be transformed and as mental emotional stress is released - physical aberrations can adjust.
Now it is very easy for me to guide my clients to discover their own stories, and create their solutions, even when dealing with long lasting issues.  

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