The Quantum Way 101

- how to manifest what YOU really want!

Please come and join exploring the Quantum Way

for solving any problems you might experience and/or excel your performance lastingly.

Scientists and experts do agree that 90-95% of what we create in psychology and physique, has its roots in the subconscious mind and is often contra productive to that what we really want in life and limits our performance.

Unfortunately most of us put 90+% of our attention in trying to change the manifestations instead the roots of it.

This old habit of ours did not much good so far - looking around in the world, we can see that it gets even worse than it gets better. One of the main reason is that we do not understand how we manifest and why. When we finally do, we never will go back into this childlike habit in trying anything other than addressing the roots of it. Then Humanity can raise up like to its potential.

It is like wanting to change the images seen on the computer screen by tweaking it right at the screen level itself. But here we know that the information is given to the screen by the source code, by a program, which is at the hard drive level - changing that, will change the image on the screen.
In us humans too - in order to create lasting changes, we need to address the source code in the Human OS and the programs we created there.

In this workshop we will explore how all works together on the Quantum Way and answer central questions like:

Why do I create all that I am? 
How do I create that, assuming I am creating at all?
Is there a way out of the cycle I am in?

What is the ‘Quantum Way’ and what is ‘Quantum Health’?

What is Peak Performance?

What is healing and how can we support it effectively and lastingly in us?

Can we change that what we manifested long ago

How far down into the rabbit hole do I need to go?

Please send your questions before the event so I can answer them for us.


Thursday - December 29, 5:00-7:00 pm 
and every last Thursday in a moth thereafter.

Small group - will fill up quickly!  Reserve your Spot today! 
Call 808-256-8874 or email  for registration and further information.

 “Our Minds and Consciousness, are the greatest Performance accelerators we have -
harnessing both and align  them with our desires results in Success"

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