Frequent Asked Questions


Please summarize on the ChampsMind coaching process?

Our Coaching process is based on modern and ancient findings that mind creates matter; what we think and what we belief, has implications on the results we see in our life.
Most of our negative beliefs relate to unfavorable experiences we had in the womb, during childbirth and/or during the first years of your life.
So, in order to create any lasting change in our life, the root-causes of these patterns of thinking and beliefs need to be seen and transformed into something favorable.
Yes, you read right: they just need to be seen.
In contrary, as long as we resist seeing something, we keep it unconscious and feed energy to it - therefore the saying: "What we resist persists!"
We can now conclude the sentence with: " … and what we see and accept will cease to exist.”

This can be called the miracle of consciousness and with the help of our coaching process, you may experience this miracle.

Do I really need coaching?  I can usually handle my problems. 

If you can handle your problems well and feel the stream of joy in your life, feel connected to yourself and others; can be creative and are successful: no, you don't need coaching. You are well on your own path and can master life's challenges.
If you feel stuck or just learning to see the bright side of the dark side – then a good coach can successfully support you to progress faster and easier.

What can I expect feeling, ones I am through, working with my issue?

Thanks for asking this question.

Ones you are through working with your issue, you can expect feeling peace, harmony, joy, increased energy and creativity.

Releasing and transforming ones core issues you have in regards to creating success, can have also a most powerful snowball effect onto other issues as well and therefore can transform your whole being.

Can you support me spiritually?

Absolutely, but I need to explain something very important. The spiritual path of yours is not of anybody's direct influence, only yours and spirit. And even you cannot influence it – we just can create the conditions for spiritual growth.

What we learn on our spiritual journey is patience and surrender which supports letting go.

Often, if we are faced with some hurdles and can’t get over them with meditation, visualization, chanting and positive thinking, we need to look deeper.

Then we possibly discover charge, stemming from unresolved unfavorable experiences we had as an unborn, during childbirth or during the first years in our life. 
Ones attended, seen and transformed, this new resource now supports your spiritual growth.

What can I do, to have successful results with the ChampsMind coaching process?

Thanks, this is a mature and meaningful question.
1st: Experience shows that the willingness to change is the most decisive prerequisite for changing and achieving any set of goals. Keep envisioning your goals, every day.
2nd: Applying on a daily basis the changes which you created during your session for at least 21 days, mostly through just noticing the changes.
Yes, you read right: by being aware and feeling the changes, you make them a steady part of you - your brain creates new networks of synapses and integrates them as one of your inner resources.
3rd: Experiences show that gentle and at times medium intense exercising is very helpful; sun and fresh organic food as well.
4th: The more fun you can create, the better. Even watching comedy shows, meeting new friends and sharing the transformation you experience, is supporting health.
5th: Trust yourself and know that you are in power and in the driver seat.

To know the root-cause of what you want to change, is the first part and implying the changes is the second part and the soulution.

What is the procedure in scheduling my first session? 

Usually it is good to meet briefly before your first session in person, via telephone, Skype or Google plus. This meeting lasts about 15 Minutes, is free of charge and will provide an opportunity to answer a few questions you might have.

It is requested that you download the 'Informed Consent Form'; read it carefully and sign it.
Also download the Client Interview 1, carefully answers all questions. (I need both documents before the meeting.)

Then please schedule your 'Meeting us' session through our booking system and send me both documents via the 'Make an Appointment' contact form.

After our Meeting you will get further instruction how to proceed. Possibly you will receive another interview form. Take your time!
When you are ready, please send me your interview. You are now ready to commence your Coaching process and are welcomed to schedule your first appointment.

I am ready to change my beliefs, can you support me?

Absolutely, just complete the paperwork and schedule your free appointment - let’s begin now!


Stress can be considered background music to almost all imbalances.
ChampsMind- Coaching can support you to discover the pattern, the theme, the core issue, and the root of it.
Ones seen, you can create a new approach, a new belief which expresses that what you really, really want.

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