About Me

I am a Honolulu based Personal Fitness Trainer, Massage Therapist, Health & Performance Coach - providing support for anybody desiring to exceed and reach their goals with the least possible effort.

Least effort - you might ask?
Yes, we do not come far with effort and stress.
Even in a marathon race, hitting the golf ball,  passing the exam, acting, dancing, writing, public speaking or having a beautiful and fulfilling love life experience, the more we can stay relaxed, the better will be the results.
Haven’t you noticed that the more we try the least we succeed and when we let go of trying hard, all’s happening miraculously?


No worries - I know the way - having gone this path many of times. First in my own life and then eventually also with my clients.  I can coach novices and experienced of the inner game, finding their way out of the labyrinth they might perceive their life as.

What do you need?
Well, you need the willingness to change … make the call!

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